Spending Time Credits – Local Favourites

By volunteering in your community, with us in the Wildlife Area for instance, you can earn Time Credits to spend in a variety of outlets.  We give one Time Credit for every hour volunteered. They’re like community bank notes and there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the local favourites:

Lexi Cinema in Chamberlayne Road: Despite being a charity organisation, run by volunteers themselves, they are happy to accept two Time Credits for a seat when they’re not busy.  Email Ted with your preferred date(s) and he’ll confirm within a couple of days.  If the date you fancy is a busy one, they’ll suggest another. It’s a fabulous place to see some of the best films on release.

Fierce Grace Hot Yoga in Kilburn Lane: Fierce Grace is a new yoga system, and brand. They led the UK in the Hot Yoga revolution, by bringing Bikram Yoga to London in 1994. Fierce Grace yoga takes place in a specifically heated room to ease muscles, prevent injury and promote detoxification.  Available Mon & Wed at 6.45am, 10am, 12pm & 5pm and on Tues & Fri 8am, 10am & 4pm. Just email in advance if you’ve never been before, their friendly staff will be happy to help. Two Time Credits for a place at a 90 minute yoga class + chill out session in relaxation area.

Queen Park Library on Harrow Road:  A lively library offering children’s clubs, reading groups and employment advice, as well as a huge range of adult and children’s book, CDs and DVDs. Rent that blockbuster you missed at the cinema or spend a night in with the kids and watch the latest Pixar movie!  You need to be a member of the library to use Time Credits but it’s free to join – just take proof of address when you go along.  Spend one Time Credit for a CD and two for a DVD (including a whole boxed set!).

Tennis in Queen’s Park1 hour tennis court hire for One Time Credit (Mon-Fri) at Pitch & Putt grounds. This  offer excludes school holidays

Meeting Space Hire at Genesis Housing at 576 Harrow Road: Meeting space is available in Genesis Housing’s Neighbourhood Centre in North Westminster, suitable for groups of up to 15 for meetings or activities such as craft, or reading groups. For hire on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please contact Richard to book your time 020 8968 5543 at One Time Credit per hour.

Portobello Green Fitness Centre:  One gym session for One Time Credit (Fri 2-4pm).

Ladies Only exercise classes at The Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, W10. for Two Time Credits per class:
Total body workout (circuits) – Tue. 9.20-10.05am
Legs, Bums & Tums Fri 9.20-10.05am

All Stars Boxing Gym on Harrow Road: All Stars Boxing Gym is a local landmark, established nearly 40 years ago and offering training and exercise to the community ever since. Suitable for all ages and abilities, give it a try!  Contact Raman Akay at All Stars Gym directly if you are already a member. If you’re interested in becoming a member or using your Time Credits at All Stars Boxing Gym, contact Sami. Two Time Credits entitles you to a “Knock Out” session.

QPR Stadium Tour in White City:  Stadium tours are offered to Members for QPR’s Loftus Rd ground at the cost of one Time Credit per person. Contact Sami to check dates.

Maida Hill Second-Hand Community Market pitch. Looking to clear out some bric-a-brac and de-clutter? Tuesday is Maida Hill markets community day and for a four hour pitch you can pay with Four Time Credits.To register as stall holder and to book a table call Jacqui 07582 881 591. Once booked in you are asked to set up from 10am. Good luck with your selling!

The Frontline Club in Paddington: The events programme is run by the Frontline Charitable Trust, set up to promote independent journalism and provide training in the safety of journalists and other media workers in areas of conflict. Frontline Club are pleased to be offer all of the public events (talks and screenings) to Time Credit holders, wherever capacity permits. All you need to do is call up to book. Just say that you’re wanting to use your Time Credits. You will spend one Time Credit per hour, depending on the length of the event.

Finally, check back for news of offers at The Jubilee Sports Centre (and other Better venues).

This is just a sample of everything available in London. Download the current Time Credits Brochure here (Right Click/Save) where you will also learn more about opportunities to earn credits. Furthermore, you can spend your Time Credits in other parts of the country. Check the Just Add Spice website for more information.

Other Time Credit Spending Opportunity Summaries:
Places to Visit

Entertainment and other activities summaries to follow over the next two Thursdays.