2013 Review

This was the year when we hoped to see the first fruits of our labours in the Wildlife area.

At the end of 2012, plans were afoot to offer our help to the Harrington  Allotments and to make replanting the wildlife area a priority. Westminster also asked if we wanted to be involved with some work in the Rose Garden but as you will see, the Wildlife Area took up all the time in 2013.

We also decided that trimming and maintaining the tree bases in the estate streets could come under our remit and that turned out to be the first task of 2013 in the January, completing the work in February and March.

Also, during the winter months, the Willow Dome was reshaped but more work was needed as it took shape with Spring growth.

Meanwhile Gardens donated five bird boxes! This meant we could replace the rotten ones.

Blackthorns were planted along the fence near the compost area.

By the end of summer, the ground was ready to implement Ulla’s planting plan.

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