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New Time Credits Brochure 2017/18

Just Add Spice have published their latest Time Credits brochure with lots of new ways to spend your hard-earned Time Credits.

You can look at it here or right-click to download (Mac users alt-click).

There are many ways to earn Time Credits and participating bodies are listed at the end of the booklet. You’ll see our name there among them.

For many of our gardeners, Time Credits are a lovely added bonus to the pleasure they get from working with their neighbours to create a place the local community can enjoy.  Some volunteers just like to get their hands a little bit muddy once in a while!

Whatever your reasons for joining us, Time Credits present the opportunity to do new things and meet new people, a bit like our gardening sessions.

Please check (and bookmark!) this area of our website to find out when the next session will be or ask to go on our mailing list, to receive an email reminder a few days before we garden.

Sunny Saturday

0X rose gardenWe could not have asked for better weather on Saturday. Our main work was in the triangular bed where the weeds seem to grow the fastest but we had a fantastic turnout of willing hands to help.

We are always looking for new volunteers and we’re happy if you can only spare an hour.  If you do more than that, we’ll make sure you have a break with some chocolate and water, to revive your energy levels.

We will be gardening next on 10th June but sign up for our newsletter in case we schedule any more sessions in between.


The park is looking spectacular this Spring and we hope you had a chance to enjoy it over the weekend.
The tulips are still blooming around the shrub by the Third Avenue gate.

round shrub

Even though the crocus blooms have faded, we think the heart shape still looks very cheerful on the bank.

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Paddington Festival 2016 Gala Award

The Paddington Festival 2016 Gala Award for Queen’s Park Festival’s Volunteer of the Year goes to Simon Walton  for his fantastic volunteering at the Queen’s Park Summer Festival.

The award was presented by Ryan Dalton on behalf of Cllr. Barrie Taylor. The top three winners in this category all received trophies and certificates.

Many of you will recognise Simon as he volunteers in so many areas around the community, and for many years. We are endlessly grateful for the time he gives to the Friends of Queen’s Park Gardens in both practical gardening and administrative roles.

We are extremely proud that Simon has been recognised this year. We are proud and grateful to all our volunteers. For more information about our gardening sessions, please check here or join our mailing list.


Photo Courtesy of Ray Lancashire

Our view of the 2016 Fireworks

Volunteering as a gardener in the park has many benefits. It is good exercise in a lovely , outdoor environment. We break for chocolate half way through and have a nice chat but we also earn one Time Credit for every hour worked.

There are many wonderful ways to spend Time Credits, with the various Westminster sports halls being the most recent addition, but some events afford one-off opportunities and Queen’s Park Gardens Firework Night is one of them.

Two Time Credits gave us entry to the front area at the top of the hill. We know what you’re thinking.  They’re fireworks. They’re in the sky. You just need to be outdoors and look up.  However, if you get there in good time, you also get some hot chocolate and you have to admit, Ray managed to get some wonderful photographs.

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Fireworks 2016!


Queen’s Park Community Council are holding what will be the 10th firework event in Queen’s Park Gardens on 5th November. The gates will open at 5:15pm and the fireworks will start at 6pm.

If your volunteering work has earned you Time Credits, you can use two of them to enter the VIP area at the top of the hill. Entrance is via the gate midway down Ilbert Street.

It is always a wonderful, family event and we hope to see you there!

Time Credits Outing

Just Add Spice have organised a special visit for you to spend your Time Credits and meet other volunteers in the capital

Pack your lunch. grab four Time Credits and get yourself to the Tower Bridge Exhibition Entrance for 10am or if you can only spare half a day(two Time Credits), the second part of the visit starts at 2pm by the main entrance to the Tower of London.

If you have spare Time Credits, bring a friend along. Each person will need two credits per event.


Earn Time Credits at the Firework Display

Would you like to help your community?

If so, why don’t you register to become a volunteer with Queen’s Park Community Council and earn Time Credits?

The Council hosts a number of events for benefit of Queen’s Park residents such as the Queen’s Park summer festival, winter festival and fireworks night, as well as creating and delivering the Queen’s Park Voice.

The fireworks night takes place next Thursday (5th November) in Queen’s Park Gardens and the Council is looking for people to help on the night. We are also planning the Council’s first winter festival for December.

If these are activities you would like be involved with then please contact the Council on 020 8960 5644 or