Christmas Rubbish & Recycling

Here is some information about the changes to the mixed recycling and rubbish collections over the festive period:

  • If your kerbside collection day is usually on a Friday:
    • Christmas Day, 25 December 2020
      • Our crews will not collect your mixed recycling or rubbish.
      • We are providing a special mixed recycling catch up collection on Saturday 26 December. There will be no special catch up collection for your rubbish, please use your next scheduled collection.
    • New Year’s Day, 1 January 2021
      • Our crews will collect your kerbside mixed recycling and rubbish as normal.

If your collection day falls on any other day not listed above, it will remain the same over the festive period.

For further info:

Christmas tree recycling

If you have a real Christmas tree, please remember to take it to one of our 25 real Christmas tree recycling points in Westminster so it can be recycled. Ours is by the Ilbert Street entrance of the park at the Fourth Avenue end or check here :