For Scrubs Sake!

For Scrubs Sake!London Transport are currently carrying out consultation on the positioning of the new stations at Old Oak Common – it closes on 24th November.

The Friends of Wormwood Scrubs are encouraging votes for Option C which is the one that affects the scrubs itself less.

It is worth noting for any of you that aren’t particularly familiar with these areas that as well as the particular natural habitat of the scrubs that from our local perspective and given current discussions throughout Queen’s Park on the responsibilities of local dog owners that the big and little Scrubs currently offer our easiest accessible large areas for off lead exercise of dogs and are used widely for those purposes. They also offer relatively affordable sports pitch bookings for schools and groups and non-bookable areas for organised sports and games, kite flying etc.

It is well worth taking a look at their information on this and also that of the Friends of Wormwood Scrubs

We have precious few green areas of this nature in the locality, we encourage you to look at the information available and cast your vote.