Having Fun Learning in the Wildlife Area


A huge welcome from the Friend’s of Queen’s Park Gardens to the children from the Sunrise Preschool. Staff and children started using the Wildlife Area regularly this October and are enjoying it hugely.

Nicole from Sunrise reports, ‘We have become attached to the site and have been doing a bit of litter clearing and looking after.

Recently the children have enjoyed looking underneath the logs in the bug hotels where we have seen slugs,

snails, woodlice, spiders and some really unusual fungus which I believe is called “Bootstrap” and “Deadmans fingers”!!!’

The staff at Sunrise Preschool are all Qualified Forest School Leaders as well as nursery teachers and it is really
important to them that their impact on the Wildlife garden is a positive one and a respectful one.
Nicole continues ‘Our aim is to deepen the children’s connection with nature and to encourage them to feel part of the natural world…
hopefully this will mean we have a future  local generation who understand how important the plants, trees and creatures are for our
cohesive survival on this wonderful earth.
We hope that Sunrise will be the first of many children’s groups and schools to use the Wildlife Area regularly. It is easy to arrange to have the gates unlocked for your group or class to use. Please use the contact form below…