Wildflower Meadow (Part 2)

We needed to finish seeding the wildflower meadow such that it could be ready by the summer festival so we decided to work both Saturday and Sunday. Some of use slept well on Sunday night.

The section that was seeded last time seems to be sprouting. photo KVS_1804_zpsuepagcqo.jpg

Working on a new section. photo IMG_0466_zpssx8j8bux.jpg
 photo KVS_1810_zpsupzmb9uc.jpg photo KVS_1812_zpstvoe4ehk.jpg
 photo KVS_1820_zps7mdmbyi2.jpg

Another section completed!
 photo KVS_1818_zpsbtocqrza.jpg
 photo IMG_0472_zpsdxvveuuy.jpg photo KVS_1831_zps2n7vrrit.jpg
 photo KVS_1814_zps1vffgwyc.jpg
 photo KVS_1825_zpslcona3dl.jpg photo KVS_1827_zpsezlxsruu.jpg

All done for the day.< photo KVS_1834_zpsjo3zdzkg.jpg

Some of the daisies in the meadow. photo IMG_0465_zpsi5arksav.jpg