Wildflower Meadow (Part 1)

The wildflower meadow is the largest part of the Wildlife Area so this was the logical place to start this year’s activities. The growth surprised us a bit and there was a lot to do. Luckily we got a group of corporate volunteers from Eversheds out for a day (and they even made a donation to help us buy some of the tools we needed).

It threaten to rain all day but it stayed dry and the cool weather was welcomed. We were there for a full day and we completely filled the 2 black bins at the gardens plus a bunch of large bags.

A special thanks to Eversheds for all the help!
 photo IMG_0393_zpsnxgbsurh.jpg
 photo IMG_0394_zpsza27edg5.jpg

The next day, a groups of us were back in the Wildlife Area finishing up a section of the meadow so that we could seed it.
 photo KVS_1754_zpspubay5r6.jpg
 photo KVS_1761_zpsahsgsjqz.jpg
 photo KVS_1769_zpsuqyfj8xz.jpg

One of the last steps was to compact the soil by doing the “penguin” walk.
 photo IMG_0404_zpsj7gvc3os.jpg
 photo KVS_1799_zpshguh1iyo.jpg

One of the bat boxes that were restored by some of our volunteers. photo KVS_1771_zpspd70wgy4.jpg

The willow dome that we worked on last year seems to be growing back nicely.
 photo KVS_1773_zps3gz1xjbb.jpg