Summer in the Park

The Queen’s Park Gardens Summer Festival is less than a month away but there is always a lot going on in the park.

Our volunteer Clare has been taking care of the border along the play area fence bringing some lovely colours.

In the wildlife area, we have our magnificent teasels. There’s usually a robin to be seen.

In the triangular bed we find the salsify have gone to seed. They look like huge dandylion clocks and are in the same family of plants.

Dandylions, allium and fragrant lavender are still providing nectar and food.

There are always sparrows to be found in the hedges. This is a young female.

The Rose Garden and Orchard is a haven for beautiful things and a favourite for residents who want to sit on a bench to chat.

The cardoons are the stars at the moment.

Please don’t pick the flowers in the park. We work hard so that everyone can enjoy them. Thank you.