Community clean-up

Celebrating and protecting our local environment.

Following on from the QPCC’s successful event in June, which saw 20 bags of litter taken off of the streets of Queen’s Park, they will be hosting another Queen’s Park Community Clean-Up to tie in with the Great Green Week this Saturday the 25th of September.

11:00 – 13:00
Saturday 25th September 2021, Queen’s Park Gardens
(Wildlife area)

Sign up for your place on Eventbrite, phoning 07776 683 760 or by emailing Millie.

♻️ Westminster Recycling Champions and Veolia will be providing equipment and hosting a stall to give information on recycling in the ward to residents on the day.

♻️ A QPCC stand where will be engaging with residents to hear their views on our work as a council and their priorities for the area.

♻️ There will be a number of volunteer ‘Litter Champions’ who will lead small groups to different areas of the ward. If you would like to be involved in the event by volunteering to lead or support a group or otherwise, please email Millie.

♻️ The Community Clean Up will be followed by a community lunch held in the Beethoven Centre to thank all litter champions and QPCC volunteers!