Covid-19 Update

In line with the most recent government directives regarding the Coronavirus, our group can no longer work in the gardens, regrettably.

Coal Tit on the coconut in the Rose Garden @CairdCrafts

Whilst our activities could be regarded as the allowed ‘once-a-day exercise’, we cannot risk endangering the health of our wonderful, dedicated band of long-standing volunteers and we must protect the lives of the NHS carers upon whom we depend by promoting, encouraging and exercising social-distancing.

We are doing what we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and we hope you will join us.

For the time being, the park will remain open for solitary exercise but all group activities must cease and small groups will be dispersed. Do not attempt to use the outdoor gym.

Combine dog walking with your once-a-day exercise.

Stay safe. Go out if you must, but be careful and mindful of others.

We are so grateful to the many people who have joined us in the past and sincerely hope to resume our sessions at a safe point in the future.

More information is available from Queen’s Park Community Council’s webpage. You may have witnessed the most recent council meeting in the park, exercising strict social distancing. This was held at 6pm, before the Prime Minister’s latest announcement.

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