Festival 2016: Another Great Year

Once again, this year’s Summer Festival was blessed with fine weather and a lot of fun for everyone. We met so many wonderful families and residents.

Did you visit us? Did you complete our quiz to win a chocolate bug or did you vote for what you’d like to see in the empty space?
Did you take a stroll through our new Woodland Walk? Did you visit Ulla, our Community Gardener in the Rose Garden?
Or did you just take a look around and relax away from the crowds for a while?
Whatever you did in the Wildlife Area, we hope you enjoyed yourself.

If you would like to look at, and comment on our Development Plan, you’ll find it here. You can also have your say about one corner of the Wildlife Area that we’re not sure about.

Please take a look through our galleries:

The Wildlife Area

[AFG_gallery id=’51’]

and a flavour of the rest of the festival

[AFG_gallery id=’52’]