New Loggery completed.

Despite the damp weather, we had a wonderful turnout from Friends old and new.

The Bug Hotel Roof Terrace was netted to prevent birds from taking the new seeds; the last of the donated top soil was sifted, ready to spread over the meadow next session; some of us began to clear a route for our new, Woodland Path, and we all took time to admire our wonderful, newly refurbished Stag Beetle Loggery.

Thank you to everyone who came along.

If you want to join out next session, make sure you’re on our mailing list, we’ll send a reminder. Please check our tweets and Facebook as well!

Everyone is welcome – for as little or as long as you would like.    You’ll need to wear suitable clothing and boots or shoes for the outdoors.  

We will provide all the tools, some guidance, and a sweet snack for break-time.   You will also earn time credits for every hour worked.  You can spend these all over London, including some local activities. More information here.  

Thank you to Quinn London, once again, for completing our beautiful Stage Beetle Loggery. We are so thrilled to see it there.

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