Summer’s End


We’ve been very busy since the Summer Festival.

The Wildlife Area always gets full of domestic grass and more dominant weeds. There’s also a lot of bindweed in the Rose Garden and the triangular bed outside.

Removing the dead heads from roses gives them a chance for a second bloom so they’ve thrived this year. We’ve also weeded the circular shrub bed near the Third Avenue entrance.

A couple of donations of wood chip have been spread to help keep the weeds down and also make the paths better to walk on.

We’ve had to keep an eye on the roof terrace of the Grand Marigold Bug Hotel and netted the front so that any bugs nesting there will be safe and undisturbed.  We made the area around the hotel safer to walk on by levelling it with the wood chip.

The Willow Dome needs trimming & weaving each year so we got the ladder & ties out.

In the Wildlife Meadow this year, we had some fantastic teasels. Did you see them?  The Echinacea, planted in the side bed last year, multiplied and gave us many wonderful blooms.

We spent some time clearing the weeds from the awkward bank near the boundary hedge. The ground drops away quite sharply there so many of our original plants did not survive. We were kindly given some lovely specimens from the Head Gardener at the Royal College of Physicians which we planted during our last session.

September is also the time for us to let the Wildlife Meadow return to seed.  The park attendants let us use their strimmer last session and the Head Gardener of the Royal College of Physicians gave us some more lovely plants to put in the bank by the hedge.

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