Last Session of September

Freecycle is a wonderful resource. It put us in touch with someone who wanted to get rid of some top soil as he was completely restyling his neighbour’s garden, just over the canal.  He kindly delivered about ten bags to us.

We had to sift it carefully to get rid of all the stones and unwanted vegetation but we split ourselves into two teams so that the others could be getting as much grass out of the area in the meadow where we wanted to spread the soil.  Wildflowers thrive in poor quality soil but the end patches are full of stones where grass loves to grow and chokes some of the prettier flowers, if left unchecked.

On our way out of the park, we noticed a lot of cardboard packaging had been dumped in the general waste bin so we cleared the plastic and polystyrene elements back into that bin, then flattened the card and put it in the correct, recycling bin.

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