Other Lives of our Park Users

We are all familiar with the sight of Crissie Chambers in the Dog Walking Area. She has boundless energy to instruct and inform dog owners in the neighbourhood but did you know she has another life as Lady C, Roots ‘n’ Reggae  Vinyl DJ?

When Kilburn to Kensal Radio hands over to Portobello Radio on a Friday lunchtime, you might just catch her one time.  She’s actually joining Greg Weir today!

Another face you may have seen around the community is that of Simon Walton.  He has certainly been our poster-boy on several occasions.

He is also very active with the Friends of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Last month, he joined Chairman Sue Price and Kensington Gardens Manager Andy Williams who invited new Royal Parks Chief Executive Andrew Scattergood for a swim in the Serpentine.