Spring is here

The first day of Spring has passed and the park changes almost daily.

Have you noticed that a new flowering cherry tree was planted in the rose garden in the middle of winter? Its first blossoms are showing now.
 photo New-Cherry-Tree_zpsqczaw68y.png

There are lovely, furry catkins in the rose garden
 photo catkins_zpsv6sp5suv.png

and the blackbirds appreciate variety of ground cover.

 photo blackbird_zpsovuy5fkf.png

 In the wilder corner, you can just see a flowering currant coming into bloom as well.

 photo Flowering-Currant_zpsiqv4ikwy.png

As you leave the rose garden, you can’t miss the cheerful yellow of the Forsythia.
 photo forsythia_zpsaqaltczw.png

Among the bushes just outside the rose garden, the flowering cherry is in full swing.
 photo cherry-blossom-big_zpsli5aptpm.png

Elsewhere around the park are various kinds of berberis
 photo yellow-berberis_zpsjgtron31.png

 photo BERBERIS-thunbergii-Atropurpurea_zpsto8awmwf.png

and even the humble daisy is pleased to see the sunshine.

 photo daisy_zpsaqpe3by1.png

The blackthorns are brightening up the hedges around the park railings.

 photo blackthorn_zpssajorbl1.png

and if you keep your eyes open while you’re walking around the estate, there are some treats in the gardens. This lovely camellia is in a street very near the park.

 photo camelia_zpsmosdzj6x.png