Avenues Radio

There are only a few days left in Avenue Radio’s annual broadcast slot. Have you had a chance to listen this year?

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The Avenues Youth Project is a charity that was established in 1979 to provide activities outside of school hours for young people aged 13-19 living in the North Paddington area of Westminster. In Particular, it was established in recognition of the lack of facilities targeting young Afro-Caribbean people in the area. Since that time the project has grown from strength to strength and in line with the diversity of our local community, we now attract and welcome a wide range of young people from many different communities that make up the Queen’s Park and Westminster as a whole.
Two of the activities that Young people have been interested in over the years are music and radio, our long time worker Carol Bent recognised this and took the initiative to set up a radio station called AvenuesFM.
Avenues FM has been a community based radio station for the past 20 years. Every year we are awarded a RSL for 4 weeks on the FM dial. Young people, local, regional and national organisations come in to do interviews. Just to name a few Bernardos, Panorama, WAC, Save the Children and more.
One of our highlights for our broadcast is our big debate that happens in the month of February, past panellist has been, Politician Brian Paddick, Criminologist and Filmmaker Roger Graef, chair of DWP Jasmine Batliwali and local MP Karen Buck as the chair.
In December 2014, The Avenuesfm team took the decision to change the station ID to Avenuesradio however we will continue to bring you the best of Queens Park and the surrounding communities. Keep listening to Avenuesradio.