Towpath Taskforce: Kensal Green

Saturday 17th January 2015
Our first session working along side the Canal and River Trust.

We are assigned roles for the afternoon from litter picking to clearing Buddleia from the canal banks.

 photo DSCN3081_zpsnwjiehkn.jpg

Katie here is helped into her life-jacket. As a precaution anyone working near the canal bank must wear a life-jacket.
 photo DSCN3083_zps58wae5mv.jpg
Major Buddleia overgrowth!!! This is our vantage point on the barge.
 photo DSCN3087_zpskuscgnog.jpg

Cramped location to work in. A saw is needed to separate branches. You can see the branch root sticking out from between the bricks of the wall.
 photo DSCN3089_zpsgnvs3jkc.jpg

Once separated we discovered more beneath the waterline.
 photo DSCN3090_zpsgmg6hfz9.jpg

Both sides of the bridge finally cleared of Buddleia, we can move on to our next location.
 photo DSCN3092_zpsbt5hzyic.jpg

Here we are making our merry way along the Grand Union Canal Kensal Green.
 photo DSCN3094_zpsczkzbuo2.jpg
Canal boats navigate around this monster. The picture doesn’t do it justice! We left this for another day or perhaps a whole day.
 photo DSCN3115_zps2h3nhsim.jpg

If you are interested in helping out for a few hours in our Wildlife Area or our Towpath Taskforce days, please come along to our next session. Click for dates and times.

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