Queen’s Park Gardens Visit 21st June 2014

Queen’s Park Gardens 21st June 2014

We decided to tackle the overgrown circular area around the bush in Queen’s Park Gardens. This area has not been touched since Alex carefully planted tulips, last November. Now the Wildflower Meadow has been sown, apart from weeding  we can focus our attention on other areas.
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 photo DSCN1902_zpsyamjiuey.jpg
Unfortunately, some bulbs were dug up in the course of digging out weeds, sorry Alex. We replanted them carefully.
 photo DSCN1903_zps2g5m8ite.jpg

 photo DSCN19041_zpsv8ucvyae.jpg

 photo DSCN19061_zpseu6mruah.jpg

Congratulations on a job well done.
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Our next task is to trim the bush.
 photo DSCN19091_zpsinl7ii0a.jpg

If you are interested in helping out for a few hours in our Wildlife Area, please come along to our next session. Click for dates and times.

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