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Winter Fair 2017

4th Annual Winter Fair was another success!

Apples and Pears Festival

Our next session will be on 14th October, 2017 between 10am and 1pm. Do join us for a little or as long as you can manage.  More details here.

We will be tidying as autumn begins to set in and foliage dies off.

Ulla and Cathy are holding an event in the Rose Garden at the same time. You could take a look in on both of us!

The Secrets of the Rose Garden

Today marks the start of the London Creativity and Well Being Week.

Being out doors in the fresh air and with nature is one of the simplest ways of ensuring your well-being.  Ulla and the community gardeners have been very creative in the Rose Garden. Have you seen the amazing poppies and even gooseberries?

Have a look here for more information about this week.

The 50+ members of  the community can also take part in these Open Age events around Queen’s Park and at the Second Half Centre in St Charles Hospital.