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Apples and Pears Festival

Our next session will be on 14th October, 2017 between 10am and 1pm. Do join us for a little or as long as you can manage.  More details here.

We will be tidying as autumn begins to set in and foliage dies off.

Ulla and Cathy are holding an event in the Rose Garden at the same time. You could take a look in on both of us!

Nomadic Community Garden

There’s a new community garden project just south of the railway tracks in Claremont Road, behind the station, where the printers used to be.

Nomadic Community Gardens (NCG) is a not-for-profit social enterprise, that temporarily transforms previously empty land awaiting development, into an urban oasis open for use by the public, where people can grow their own produce, create art, share skills and discover what it means to build their own community.

Activities you can expect from this site are allotments, fruit harvesting, DIY workshops, beekeeping, street art and sculptures, respite area, butterfly homes and anything else you want to see!
They need artists, gardening and maintenance volunteers, pop-ups, entertainers and anyone who has a skill set they can share (the list goes on!).
This space is an opportunity for residents of the Queen’s Park area to make it their own, look after it and help to build it up into a valued asset for the local community.
Please spread the word!

Please note the opening times at the bottom (closed on Mondays).

Opening times will vary but generally follow sunlight hours. The gardens will be closed on Mondays.


Monday: closed
 Tuesday: 9-7
Wednesday: 9-7
 Thursday: 9-7
  Friday: 9-7
 Saturday: 9-7
  Sunday: 9-7


Monday: Closed
 Tuesday: 9-4
Wednesday: 9-4
 Thursday: 9-4
  Friday: 9-4
 Saturday: 9-4
  Sunday: 9-4

Sunny Saturday

0X rose gardenWe could not have asked for better weather on Saturday. Our main work was in the triangular bed where the weeds seem to grow the fastest but we had a fantastic turnout of willing hands to help.

We are always looking for new volunteers and we’re happy if you can only spare an hour.  If you do more than that, we’ll make sure you have a break with some chocolate and water, to revive your energy levels.

We will be gardening next on 10th June but sign up for our newsletter in case we schedule any more sessions in between.


The park is looking spectacular this Spring and we hope you had a chance to enjoy it over the weekend.
The tulips are still blooming around the shrub by the Third Avenue gate.

round shrub

Even though the crocus blooms have faded, we think the heart shape still looks very cheerful on the bank.