A New Term at Open Age

The indefatigable team at our Open Age hub have a wonderful programme of classes and events to nurture your creative soul, edify your mind and assist your well-being.

Since moving premises from our beloved Beethoven Centre to The New Avenues a year ago, membership has gone from strength to strength but there’s still room for more!

The (not so) new location has plenty of room for crafts and physical pursuits and we all have our fingers crossed that they’ll find a suitable replacement for the wonderful cafe that Petersham Nurseries supplied.  The great thing is that when the Open Age folks leave at 4pm, it reverts back to a vibrant youth centre.  It is a jewel in our community.

It is a hub in the true sense of the word. Claire and Geoff are on hand, ably assisted by a variety of volunteers to make it a place where you can relax in great company. They even have their own community library shelves.  Open Age is a charity and work so hard to help people of all abilities.  They recently won the Regional Project Award in the Festival of Learning. If you watch this film, you might even see some of your neighbours featured!

Take a look at all the activities on offer this term by clicking here or see below. There are also various trips to places that you may have wanted to visit but were reluctant to do on your own.

We are so lucky to have this facility right on our doorstep. If you know anyone aged over 50, tell them to pop into the building and have a look around.  For someone who is housebound or less able to get out and about there are various phone-based discussions to join.

Open Age is supported by outreach groups all around the city including a very lovely team from Marks & Spencer but they ARE a charity and if you feel you can make a contribution, they have a Just Giving page. Donations are accepted from people of any age. You could even mention that you read about them here!

Practical Gardening Workshop

Our friends at the HCGA have organised another course for you to enjoy with the help of Westminster Adult Education Authority.

This course is aimed at gardeners who are keen to learn more with an emphasis on basic skills.

How to propagate plants

 From Seed and Cuttings
 Organic Principles
 Companion Planting
 Planting in Containers
 When to water and feed

It takes place at Ravenscourt Park Glasshouses, adjacent to the café in Ravenscourt Park, W6 0UL on SATURDAY May 12th from 10an until 4pm.

If you can prove you are a  Westminster Resident, the session is free, otherwise a contribution of £10 will secure your place.

For more info & to book a place  mail Bookings@nullhcga.org.uk or call 07773348294

Park Life is in Full Swing

a4 Pasqueflower

Glorious sunshine aided our gardening session over the weekend and we had a great turnout. Thank you to everyone for your time and generosity.

So many late spring chores to do but we also sewed wildflower seeds, kindly donated by Grow Wild UK, in the meadow, including:

bladder campion, common knapweed, corn marigold, cowslip, foxglove, great mullein, lady’s bedstraw, musk mallow, red campion and

corn chamomile, salad barnet, wild basil, wild carrot, wild marjoram and

betony, corncockle, garlic mustard, hedge bedstraw, nettle-leaved bellflower, perforate St John’s Wort, ragged robin,  selfheal, upright hedge-parsley and

bird’s foot trefoil, common knapweed, crested dog’s tail, oxeye daisy, quaking grass and yarrow!

We had volunteers of all kinds helping to make this a beautiful, tranquil area of the park.


Discovering Our Green City

Westminster Adult Education Authority have joined forces with our friends the HCGA to introduce Westminster residents to our green city.

Each week, from May to early July, residents will visit various locations around the city and some of those visits will include hands-on, practical gardening.  The visits are free but transport to and from is not so bring your Travelcard.

Donations are always welcome!

Please check the “How to Garden” course here.

For more information, please email bookings@nullhcga.org.uk or call 07 773 334 294

How to Garden Course

Our friends at the HCGA have organised a free gardening course for you to enjoy with the help of Westminster Adult Education Authority.
You need to be a Westminster Resident and available on the dates listed.
For more information about this wonderful opportunity, please email:

Please check the other “Discovering Our Green City” course here.

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Have a voice in your Community

Don’t forget that QPCC elections are quickly approaching, and residents are coming forward to stand for the role of Community Councillor on 3 May.

Don’t worry, there’s still time to apply if you haven’t already. This is a great opportunity to represent your community and get a voice and a vote on what QPCC does for the next four years, including on how it spends its money. The next four years hold enormous promise, don’t miss out!

Queen’s Park Community Council has a Community Development Officer Lindsey Brown and a Chief Officer Kevin Harris, to get in touch with Lindsey or Kevin please email lindsey@nullqueensparkcommunitycouncil.gov.uk / chiefofficer@nullqueensparkcommunitycouncil.gov.uk 

Tel: 020 8960 5644

You have until 6th April to apply to become a Community Councillor.