Notice of AGM

The Friends of Queen’s Park Gardens will be holding their AGM on Wednesday, 22nd January at 6.30pm. The venue is at the QPG Hub – 254 Kilburn Lane, London, W10 4BA with grateful thanks to Ryan and the QPG Hub team.

Come and hear about our activities throughout the 2019 and the projects planned for the coming year.

You are welcome to come along without booking but it would be helpful if you could let us know via our contact form leaving your name and email if we don’t already have it.

Responsible Disposal after Christmas

 photo IMG_5032_zpsim13eqq5.jpgThere are several things to remember when you take your tree down.
If you have an artificial tree, undress it carefully and store it so it can be used next year and for several years to come.

If you had a living tree, once again remove all the decorations then take it to one of the many collection points. We have one by the entrance near Fourth Avenue, in Ilbert Street.  There is also an area at St Luke’s Church on Fernhead Road. Don’t just put it out with your general waste. Those trucks are not designed to take trees. More information and other locations here. You have until 12th January to use these collection points so please be kind to your neighbourhood. Carelessly discarded trees are a menace to disabled path users and mothers with buggies..

Winter Festival 2019

Now in its sixth year, local community bodies have joined forces for a wintery festival in the Rose Garden/Community Orchard where you can enjoy music, animals to pet, food and crafts on Saturday, 14th December between 2pm and 4pm.

This year the Over 50’s party will be held on the previous Wednesday, 11th December between 1pm and 4pm in St Jude’s Hall.

Bulb Planting Day!

Ulla and the wonderful HCGA team are holding a small bulb planting & apple themed morning of activities on the 26th October from 10am to 1pm.

They’ll be doing some bulb planting and other activities to make our park even more beautiful. Please come and be a part of this event.

Ulla holds a session in and around the Orchard every Thursday morning from 10am. More details here.

Engine Idling is damaging our community

Westminster suffers from the worst air pollution in the country. With 9.9 million drivers in the capital and 370 million miles driven in Westminster each year, road transport contributes to more than half of the most deadly emissions. You may have noticed the new banner by the entrance to our park.

Our local Councillor Ray Lancashire has been a passionate campaigner for several years and we are also lucky to have had his invaluable help in our gardening sessions, as a founder member of the Friends group.

When you renew your road tax, you are invited to pledge to turn your engine off when you stop your car but Westminster Council are also encouraging you to sign their pledge too.  Please take a few moments to read this page and talk to your neighbours and friends. So many people don’t realise the harm they are doing to themselves and others.


Recycle Week 2019

It is Recycling Week again. Many of the people who read this page will live in Westminster, where our park is located*.  Every borough has slightly different recycling requirements but Westminster has it’s own particular issues related to the transient nature of a proportion of its occupants in the more central areas. The different wards of the borough cannot have tailor made routines for individual needs, so the council tries to make it easier for residents by providing mixed recycling  collections across the borough. Improvements and trials are happening on a weekly basis to address the changing habits of our communities.

It’s always handy to check their online guide if you are unsure about what to do with an item of rubbish and they have produced these helpful flyers too.

Fly tipping is a big problem in our area and whilst it is easy to get angry at people’s lack of consideration or even exploitation, some older members of the community or visitors from places who deal with rubbish differently, put certain items on the street in the genuine belief that the bin men will take them, like they used to many, many years ago!  There are a multitude of reasons why it is impractical to do that nowadays some of which are financially based out of consideration for most residents.

For instance, the vehicles that collect our black bags are not designed to crunch down larger items that may also contain toxic elements.  Furthermore, if those trucks fill up with larger items they have to return to base for emptying sooner than they should, which means additional journeys to collect the rest of the black bags in the streets, costing more time, fuel and vehicle wear & tear. It is for this reason they have a fleet of special vehicles for the big or specialist things but they do not think it is fair for everyone to pay for running these trucks, so they make a charge if there are bulky items to collect (book one here). So when you see fly tipping in your street, it is not only unsightly but the cost of removing it is impacting on your pocket – money that could be better spent elsewhere in the community.

If you are fed up to see items dumped on your street (or any issue that needs the council’s attention), the revamped reporting portal allows you to pinpoint the problem on a map and do so without bothering to log in. It is also available as an app for your phone (scroll down for the links).

Finally, if you have something you no longer need but might be useful to someone else, think about swapping it with friends or you can attend one of Westminster’s popular Give & Take events. Check the events portal here.

*Brent Recycling site.

Kensington and Chelsea site.

“Silver Sunday” Gardening Session (on SATURDAY!)

We’re holding a session on 5th October 2019 as part of the Silver Sunday weekend with details here. It’s a free event, as usual and will be weather dependent but please join us if you can. Please note it will be on SATURDAY, like our usual sessions.

You can read more about Silver Sunday, and search for other events, some of which require advance booking.

A New Academic Year

Not wanting to wish the weeks away, a new term is about to start and it is time to look at fresh activities.

Thanks go to the QPG Community Hub for bringing the ETACS scheme to our attention.

Many short courses are completely free and conclude with certification.  Read more here and here.

Check the QPG Community Hub website for updates about the new term’s activities in the park and Kilburn Lane site.

The Avenues Youth Project will resume their Monday to Friday, after-school, term-time activities next week During the day, Open Age will resume their programme for the Autumn term with new additions and exciting trips for those in the community who are over 50 years old.

This page covers all the Open Age hubs in the tri-borough. Many (even most) can be attended regardless of which of these boroughs you live in.