Community Hub Halloween Timetable!

The QPG Community Hub have published their Halloween half-term timetables.

Please note that for Wilberforce Primary School (and some others) half-term is one week later than everyone else’s – hence the two posters.

Week one is from Monday 22nd – Friday 26th

Week two is from Monday 29th – Friday 2nd

Please contact for more information.

Autumn 2018 chores

There are so many tasks as we move into Autumn.
Summer has been gloriously long but our trusty team had to button up against the weather during our weekend session.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been repositioning some scrubs, clearing away the deadwood, battling with bindweed and nurturing the colour that remains in the triangular bed.





Community Hub Autumn Timetable

The Queen’s Park Gardens Community Hub’s latest e-newsletter for Autumn is out now and it includes a timetable with all of their activities listed between now and January. 

The timetables are downloadable & can be viewed on any device, they are also grateful for donations made so please check out this link.

Feel free to share this with your friends and colleagues and remember they are there 7 days a week if you have questions. 

Summer Festival 2018

These tweets say it all. Thank you to everyone involved.

QPG Hub 2018-2019 Registration Day

QPG REGISTRATION DAY IS MONDAY 23RD JULY 9AM TO 8PM – DON’T MISS OUT! This coming Monday 23rd July the QPG Community & Sports Hub will be open all day between 9 am and 8 pm for membership registrations, whether you are signing up as an adult for free QPG Bootcamp sessions throughout the year or signing up your child or children for our low-cost Summer Holiday Camps or free weekly sports sessions, this is your opportunity to do so. This quick, easy and convenient sign-up day is a great opportunity to find out all about the services we offer to the Community throughout the year. We also have a limited number of spaces for non-residents as well, so if you know anyone who can benefit from the impressive list of activities on offer to help us to spread the word prior to Monday. E-mail for more information. Kindest regards, QPG Team.

Bumble Bees and Hover Flies in the meadow

Did you know it is “Bees Needs Week 2018″?

Longterm Friend, gardener, environmentalist and local Councillor Ray Lancashire took these stunning photographs in the Wildlife Meadow during Saturday’s baking hot gardening session.

You can read more about the work Hover Flies do here . Bumblebee info here.


Public Meeting – Anti-Social Dog Owners

There will be a public meeting by the entrance to the dog run in Queen’s Park Gardens on Tuesday, 10th July at 5pm.

With regret we inform residents that an 11-month-old baby was recently attacked by a dog in Queen’s Park Gardens. The child is thankfully recovering with minor injuries.

In light of this event, Queen’s Park Community Council invite residents to discuss anti-social dog behaviour in the area and ways in which the current strategy in place could be improved.

Please join us, if you can, for an informal discussion at this stage. If you can’t join us please feel free to contact us with your views.

Lindsey Brown, Community Officer.